Mauritius – a beautiful gem in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The combination of different cultures, colours and scents make this island one of the most fascination holiday destinations worldwide. Enjoy true luxury and excellent service away from our every- day busy lives.

Mauritius covers a surface of 2040 km2 and has a population of only 1.2 million people. The island can be visited all year round whereas the months between November and April fall into the summer months where temperatures can range between 25 to 33 C°. The winter months are from May to October and are slightly cooler with temperatures around 18 -28 C°. The water temperatures are warm throughout the year and vegetation on the island is always green.

The white, unspoilt beaches of Mauritius are protected by coral reefs that surround the coast completely. Only on the Southern end of Mauritius dramatic cliffs and rough sea can be found since there are gaps in the protecting coral reefs in this area.

The countryside in the North is fairly flat and rises up to a central plateau which has a variety of lakes and extinct volcanoes. There are plenty of smaller, uninhabited islands around the main island of Mauritius.