About Us

Julia Shepherd

Julia Shepherd from Beyond the FinishI was born in Germany and grew up in the beautiful town of Ludwigsburg. From an early age on I was fascinated by foreign countries and to travel around the world.

After completing my studies in International Tourism in Heidelberg I decided ‘Now is the time’ and went to Cape Town for an internship in a guest house. Despite arriving in a chilly and rainy Cape Town winter, I immediately fell in love with this city and its beautiful surroundings and friendly, welcoming people. Quickly 6 months turned into 10 years and currently I am still living in Cape Town which fascinates me every day with its mixture of African vibe and European flair. Over the years I have worked in different tourism sectors and was able to travel extensively in South Africa as well as Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Tanzania amongst other countries. That way I’m able to give personal and detailed advice when planning a holiday with my clients.

A few years ago –together with my husband Andrew- I discovered running as the perfect way for me to stay fit and at the same time discover beautiful parts of South Africa and the Greater Cape Town area. One of my recent races include the Cape Town City Marathon as well as trail running off the beaten track.

Andrew Shepherd

Growing up in the sunny province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, I have been sporty from a young age however the passion for running gripped me in 2008 after completing the Gun Run.

My next big race was the Two Oceans Half marathon and since then I have taken my passion for running to a new level. My most recent achievements were completing the Two Oceans Ultramarathon ( 56 km) twice as well as successfully finishing the Comrades Ultramarathon ( 89 km).

I have also completed the Argus Cycle Tour 12 times and taken part in various other cycling races in South Africa.

I enjoy exploring the diversity of the South African country side and breath taking nature as well as traveling exotic countries. Having a professional background in financial management, I have turned the dream of my own travel company for international runners into reality.